Monday, June 3, 2013

Paper Journal 2008

It was my first and second semester of photography school at the time this journal was done. What I learned in a year at school I never would have been able to teach myself in two years of books, websites, and just shooting on my own. My first teachers were Gary Monroe (photo 101), Dan Biferie (intro to digital), and Per Hans Romnes (Intro to digital and film). I couldn't stand a lot of people in my classes at the time. They were just out of high school and going for a photography degree as if it was something easy. They hated to work, hated to hear any kind of critique, complained about the assignments, and didn't take it seriously. I devoted pages to complaining about them, but they never lasted long in the photo program anyway.
Per Hans had lent me a book on Diane Arbus, which I talked about a lot. And by second semester I met Eric Breitenbach, the professor I would be closest to. All professors are referred to by their first names in the journal because that's what we called them in class. It was weird at first, and then after a few years I totally lost my ability to speak formally with any of my professors and then trying to do so was even weirder. Every page of this journal was devoted to what I was doing in class or for class. Later on, I would get a life... that would totally revolve around my classmates and school activities, but it was a life.