Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Love My Granddog

This mothers day, Ghost got her Nana a present. Since I became Ghost's mommy, I think my mother in law, at times, feels replaced in Ghost's heart. She's made enough (joking) comments about it and went from being referred to the dog as "mama" to "nana" after I came along. Teasing aside, it can be genuinely hurtful when a pet has a new person in their life they spend more time with when you are used to having them to yourself. When Ghost and I were over last week, she had said to me that her favorite thing Ghost does is just look up at her with her eyes without moving anything else (Brian refers to this as THE FACE) and I had recently taken a photo of her doing exactly that for a previous entry where I photograph a pet and interview their owner.

Originally, I wanted to get her a bumper sticker or magnet for her car saying she loves her granddog, but when looking for one online I came across this frame from Just4myPet. The frame looked even better when it arrived than it did in their product photo and since I already had the perfect shot of Ghost for it, it was obviously the better gift. I was worried that even though it's made of wood, it would be flimsey. It's not at all. The craftsmanship is great and I am thrilled with it. I know my MIL will be too. I ended up finding it too late to give it to her on Mother's Day (my bad) but I don't think she'll mind once she gets it. And hopefully having a gift from Ghost will always remind her that just because Ghost doesn't live with her anymore, there is always enough room in her doggy heart for two women.