Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ghost (interview with owner: Brian Marini)

"I was skeptical, and even kind of angry with Beth for making me look at puppies. It was the day my student loans came in, and I made a promise that when they did, I would at least look.
She was sitting in a pen with her brother. The boy was awake and very playful, but Ghost was still groggy and sleepy. She sat and watched me playing with her brother. They were both, of course, the most adorable little balls of fluff that I've ever seen.. and the price was THE ONLY reason I didn't take them both. Ghost just sat and watched... and I realized that she was the one I wanted. I thought she would be the calmer of the two, and she seemed the more observant. I was remiss to let the boy go though... he was ADORABLE. I took her home and the rest is history.

Originally, in the first apartment, she had a kennel. Even when she grew out of the need to be kept in it, she still slept and ate in it because she liked it. I kept it covered with a blanket so it was more cave-like. Beth was supposed to help with the potty training, but she sucked at it and had no consistency so it was hard, but she (Ghost) picked it up soon enough. Beth also had a habit of doing that 'rub the nose in it' bullshit. I yelled at her (Beth) and explained TIME AND TIME AGAIN why it doesn't work. 'Worked on my dog' was usually the response. Ug... anyway this is about Ghost not Beth.

I'll never forget the time I woke up at 5am to the overwhelming smell of shit. She was still a puppy..barely bigger than when we got her, probably 2-3 months after we got her. Anyway, something made her REALLY sick, so she shit diarrhea EVERYWHERE. The poor thing was just huddled in a corner, sitting in it, not making a noise. I freaked out, jumped up and woke up Beth, and within like 30 seconds I had thrown on pj pants and slippers, cleaned the dog, and jumped in the car toward the nearest vet. I was so panicked. I can't ever remember being so scared and she just sat very still, didn't resist anything, didn't move much, was awake and conscious, but clearly in pain.

I'll never forget this part.. the only time she moved on her own during this whole ordeal in the car, she slowly walked from the passenger seat onto my lap and just rested her body and head against me looking to me to fix it. I bawled so hard. I thought I was going to lose my dog. I was already so in love with her.

She had a nasty puppy disease.. luckily there was medication and obviously she pulled through but I'll never forget that- when she made that effort to sit on my lap and lean into me."