Friday, May 17, 2013

Johnny Mathis

I just replaced my favorite Johnny Mathis record. I have a terrible habit of leaving my records on the player next to windows or on the porch in the Florida heat- thus making it the last time I ever get to play said record again. I love Johnny Mathis. It's difficult to explain why, but his songs are so very good and CREEPY in this utterly stepford wife sort of way that makes me feel as if he's crafting this completely fake world with plastic doll people, yet he's so genuine and passionate about what he's singing because he doesn't see the world like that at all.
 I feel in love with him as a teenager and I think the reason I was attracted to his music was because all teens see the world around them as phony and wonder why the adults in their life don't admit to how fake everything is. While my peers had bands like Alien Ant Farm and and Creed that played music to mirror this same feeling- for me it was Johnny Mathis. When I listen to him now I am still so creeped out by that same unintentional alienation, but also just enjoy the music as well. He has a such a dreamy voice.....

Listen to "Wonderful Wonderful" and tell me it doesn't give you the heebie jeebies.