Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo wall

 The finished photo wall

First row: photos from Shots magazine
Second row: Wedding photo of Brian's parents
camera that was passed down to me by my maternal grandfather
photo tree- heirloom from my Dad's side of the family
radiation sign from the submarine my Dad worked on

My collage diploma
Ole Timey Western photo: Brian and his sister, Holly, as small children
Christmas Ornament from my first Christmas
"Melvin" a drawing Brian did that I stole and framed

 Brian and Holly as children
A photo of my Texas cousins that I took several years ago
Certificate of a newspaper competition where I won first place for a picture story I did in my school newspaper. Award is from the Florida Collage System Activities Association

Portrait of friend, Jon Zinsli, taken by Eric Breitenbach
Photo of my Mom in highschool
framed photo from Shots magazine
The tassels from my college graduation