Saturday, November 23, 2013

2009 (part two)

2009- still in photography school. And unable to pass math. After several tries I finally got tested for a learning disorder and I regret not doing it much sooner. Dan Bifierie, Dean of the photo program and professor, lead me by the hand and made all the phone calls needed to get permission for me to replace my math classes with ones I was capable of passing. I wouldn't have gotten my degree if not for him.

Notes From Eric's Location class. As usual, I was the only one giving critiques, so he had us all write them on slips of paper and hand them to the photographer rather then speaking. This was a lot of fun for everyone.

I love Amanda Sosa Stone! This paper is from a personal critique of my work.

The photo professor's voted me Student of the Year!

Hate math...

 Notes Rachel Irons and I wrote to each other in class during Large Format. There was a photographer in particular we couldn't stand because week after week she would turn in work where no effort at all was put into it and it ate time out of everyone else critique. She is obviously not a working photographer now.