Friday, August 30, 2013

SPA meeting

Thursday was a bit of a road trip to Daytona Beach where I spoke at the Student Photography Association at my alma mater. I was one of the first members of SPA because it started while I was a student. I was there to talk about Curating the Unseen.
Brian came with and on the way we dropped off Ghost with his Dad so she wasnt home alone all day.

Denny's breakfast.

On the way, the car hit a landmark of 200,000 miles!

I was too nervous to take any pictures at the actual event, but it went well. Brian got to see me in "professional mode" which he often misses out on. Afterward he admitted he was super nervous for me but was really impressed. I'm not all that comfortable speaking in front of groups, but I can fake it in front of other photographers.

Afterward we went to the beach!

And then Brian lost our car keys in the ocean! Oops! At least being stranded at the beach was better then on the side of the road? Brian is mad at himself while the locksmith makes us a new key. Luckily the window was cracked open and I was able to unlock the door with a stick so we could get our stuff.

Glass Noodles at my favorite Thai place and then it was time to collect Ghost and relax with some beer in front of the tv.