Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Blog

 I have no idea what to do with this blog.
Curating the Unseen is doing great, especially for how new it is. I have plenty of photographers participating and with This feature in Fluster Magazine we are getting a little bit of real attention.
Fluster is great and I am really looking forward to working with them. After they interviewed me and showed my No Shelter Here portfolio I got this email from Luca:

"Hello Quenby

Thank you very much for accepting to be featured on FM, we really like your work and the message with it.
Sonia told me you might be able to pass to FM submissions that do not fit CtU,  we would be happy to consider them and  publish them. Thank you!
We like CtU and we are open to any suggestions of collaboration between Ctu and FM and, if you wanted, we would love to have you as guest blogger on FM, let me know what you think.

and I replied in full weird mode with:

 I was thrilled to hear from you and have been joking all morning about the art empire we will make together calling it "Fluster the Unseen" and then doing a super villain laugh. I am going to consider ways of collaboration and if you have any- please suggest them. At the moment though I could certainly benefit from the impressive number of followers you guys have on a facebook. I am going to post a link to your facebook page on ours and if you could do the same I'm sure it would help our numbers.
Speaking of numbers, I notice you guys don't have a big presence on Bloglovin at all. I am convinced this is the next social media hurtle. Are you familiar with the site and have thoughts on it? It's actually just great talking about this stuff with people that have been doing it longer lol

As for guest blogging, I would love to. What do you have in mind?
Thank you so much for your interest and I really look forward to working with you guys."



So Curating the Unseen is doing great. I just need to keep this ball rolling. But as for this blog? I'm not totally sure what I am doing here and I need to define that before I can get anywhere. What I really need is inspiration. I am tired of "lifestyle" blogs. There are far too many showing the same baking/crotchet/ unoriginal outfit/ stuff I'm eating/ photos of stuff on my back thing that everyone is doing to death.